Once you finish the registration process, we will send you the American address via email.

The short answer is “Yes”, LuxBox offers to keep your shipments for 45 days from the date of receiving them, therefore, you can wait until all your shipments arrive before shipping them.

We use two weighing methods, compare between them and charge you on the higher one. The first method is using a sensitive scale, and the second one is using the international formula of standard volumetric weight, which is “(L x W x H) / 139” i.e: the density of the package.

It’s not possible for us to export any foodstuffs that need refrigeration or that are banned from exportation by FDA (the American food and drug administration). On the other side, your local customs authorities may not accept such items, so we recommend that you check with your local customs. Here, you can find the FDA’s export regulations, FDA site.

Once we get your items, we will notify you through email, and then you would have to sign in to your account to choose your favorable shipping method and make the payment. Now there are two probabilities:

1- If you made the payment before 12:00 noon EST, then your package would be shipped on the same day.

2- If you made the payment after 12:00 noon EST, then your package would be shipped on the next business day (from Monday to Friday; excluding the official holidays)

We would send you an email with two options:

1- You can ask us to get rid of the package.

2- Or you can request us to return it to the sender for a service fee of $20, apart from the shipping charges.

We are committed to comply with export regulations of the united states, therefore, we have to open and check all the packages; but don’t worry, your packages will be carefully handled by our highly skilled professionals to make sure that they are not damaged during shipping.

In case that a package doesn’t include an invoice, we will kindly ask you to provide the price, expecting that you will mention the actual price. We will never send any purchases without knowing their prices.

You can store your items at our warehouse for 60 days for free. After the 60-day period, a fee of $0.25/package/day would be charged. If you failed to make the payment within 120 days, we would discard your package.

No, that’s not possible, you can’t receive a package unless it is addressed to you, and includes the full number of your account. Knowing that, missing your account number can be confusing, since your name can be similar to someone else’s.

Yes, you can ship flammable items with us for $10; such flammable items include batteries, perfumes, sprays, nail polisher and any other flammable materials. If you need to inquire about certain items, please feel free to contact us.

We provide insurance for items that are worth less than $100 free of charge. As for items that are more than $100, the insurance service that LuxBox offers for its customers becomes optional.

Sure, it is possible, except that you might also receive junk mail among your paper packages; nevertheless, we are now working on building a system that would help you avoid receiving unwanted mailings, while you would still be able to get your personal mail and your magazines.

Yes, our customers are all eligible to receive packages from any source, whether from retailers or friends.

Sure, LuxBox offers shipment return to the sender, there is just a processing fee of $5, apart from the shipping charges.

  • Live animals (including, birds, fish, reptiles mammals, etc)
  • Animals ashes or animals remains
  • Human ashes or human remains
  • Vape devices, products and accessories
  • Bullions
  • Loose precious stones
  • Cash (banknotes and coins)
  • Lithium batteries in the cases specified in IATA PI968 section II
  • All firearms, ammunition, knives and any explosive materials or devices
  • Any illegal goods, whether nationally or internationally illegal

No, cooling facilities are not available in our warehouses or during transportation.
The items that require refrigeration include, foodstuffs, heat-sensitive drugs, perishable items, dry ice and chocolate.

As aforementioned, we are obliged to comply with export regulations of US, so, we have to open all the wrapped items and review them. Nonetheless, we will do our best to rewrap the opened items and return them to their original condition, whenever that was possible.

No, you have to use your own credit card; both names on the credit card and on the website must be identical.